Company unveils two electrifying SUVs, igniting the electric revolution with the dynamic Mahindra XUV.e brand.

The Mahindra XUV.e lineup will be positioned alongside the recently introduced BE range of electric SUVs, and both series will utilize the common INGLO architecture.

After numerous teasers, Mahindra has unveiled its highly anticipated lineup of electric SUVs. Utilizing Mahindra’s innovative INGLO platform, the five upcoming electric SUVs are divided into two distinct sub-brands – XUV.e and BE. The XUV EVs are scheduled for release starting in 2024, while the BE EVs are expected to follow from 2025 onwards.

Five new Mahindra EVs incoming

The XUV.e sub-brand will feature two models – XUV.e8 and XUV.e9 – while the newly established BE sub-brand will include three models – BE.05, BE.07, and BE.09. All five electric SUVs will share a common platform and battery module, although they will vary in their specific performance characteristics.

Despite the familiarity of Mahindra’s XUV brand with its lineup of ICE models, the electric counterpart adopts a fresh identity. The twin peak logo on the XUV EVs will sport a new copper finish and will mark the debut of these models in production, starting in 2024.

In contrast, the BE range of EVs, scheduled for release from 2025 onwards, will exhibit a distinct appearance with C-shaped LED headlamp and tail-lamp elements and sharply defined body surfaces. Further details about the BE range can be explored here.

Mahindra XUV .e8

The initial model slated for production is the XUV.e8, set for launch in December 2024. This electric vehicle serves as the electric counterpart to Mahindra’s current flagship SUV, the XUV700. While the XUV.e8 is built on the INGLO platform, it maintains a conceptual similarity to the XUV700, featuring the same fundamental layout, silhouette, and three rows of seats.

The design has undergone significant tweaks to distinguish it as an EV. It showcases a fresh appearance with full-width LED light bars extending into the bumper, a closed-off front grille, angular cuts on the face, bumper-mounted headlamps, and a sharply contoured bonnet. The rear-end, however, bears resemblance to the ICE-powered XUV700.

Mahindra has disclosed the dimensions of the XUV.e8, measuring 4,740mm in length, 1,900mm in width, and 1,760mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,762 mm. This positions the XUV.e8 as 45mm longer, 10mm wider, and 5mm taller than the XUV700, while the wheelbase is only extended by 7mm.

Back look of Mahindra XUV .e8

Mahindra has also affirmed that the XUV.e8 will feature an all-wheel-drive system and a battery pack with a capacity of up to 80kWh. Power outputs are expected to range from 230hp to over 350hp.


Mahindra XUV .e9

Mahindra XUV .e9

The second model within the XUV.e9 lineup is anticipated to be launched in April 2025. Diverging from being an electric counterpart to an existing model, it stands as an entirely new vehicle characterized by a coupe-like design. Mahindra has disclosed the dimensions of the XUV.e9, measuring 4,790mm in length, 1,905mm in width, and 1,690mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,775mm. Unlike the XUV.e8, the XUV.e9 will be a 5-seater model.

Mahindra XUV .e9 back side look

Drawing inspiration from the XUV Aero concept, the XUV.e9 exhibits some similarities with the XUV.e8 in terms of LED lighting elements, bumper-mounted headlamp units, and a closed-off front grille. However, its distinctive features include a coupe-like design at the rear and a flat, stubby tail section. Notably, it is adorned with prominent gloss-black cladding throughout, a feature absent in the XUV.e8. Technical specifications are expected to align closely with those of the XUV.e8.

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