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All new Meraki X1 Electric Scooter, Price, Range, Charging Time & Bookings Details

Meraki x1 electric scooter

The Meraki X1 electric bike, as of late sent off by Outdoor91, is currently open for pre-booking. Be that as it may, the maker has not yet completely revealed every one of the insights regarding this e-bike. In this article, I expect to give an exhaustive outline of the Meraki X1, assisting you with settling on it. Moving right along, how about we dive into it.

Booking and Price

The e-bike is accessible in two models for example Meraki X1 and Meraki X2. The Meraki X1 is evaluated at ₹59,999 with lead corrosive battery pack and Meraki X2 is estimated at ₹69,999. Its pre-booking begins at ₹999 as it were. The cost will increment by an extra ₹5000 after 500 units are reserved. on the off chance that you are keen on it, immediately hold it. remember that pre-appointments serve simply as a statement of interest, and the eventual outcome details and plans are liable to change. In this way, it is a note to ask the vendor or provider while booking the bike.


The electric bike is pushed by a 250-watt BLDC Center point Engine and has a guarantee of 2 years on the engine. it has a battery limit of 60V-72V 28AH/30AH/38AH and gets a guarantee of 1 year on the lead corrosive battery pack and 3 years on LPF. It offers a scope of 60-100 km on a solitary charge and has a maximum velocity of 25 km/h.

it requires 7-8 hours to charge its lead corrosive while lithium-particle requires 3-4 hours to be totally charged. it flaunts an aluminum auto-cut charger which gets the battery while charging. it highlights water driven suspension at the front and single/overstriking pressure driven suspension at the back.

Motor Type BLDC Hub Motor
Motor Power
250 WT
Range 60-100 km/charge
Top Speed
25 km/hr
Charging Time 7-8 hours (Lead Acid) 3-4 hours (Lithium-ion)
Battery Type
Lead Acid, Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 60V-72V 28AH/30AH/38AH
Brake Type
Suspension Type Hydraulic Suspension and single/overstriking hydraulic suspension


It offers a scope of 60-100 km on a solitary energize and can get to a maximum velocity of 25 km/h.

Charging Time

The e-bike is equipped with a robust 60-72V battery pack, available in three capacities: 28AH, 30AH, and 38AH. Depending on the type of battery – lead-acid or lithium-ion – the charging time varies. For lead-acid batteries, the e-bike requires approximately 7-8 hours to fully charge, while lithium-ion batteries offer a faster charging time of 3-4 hours.

This versatile battery configuration ensures that riders have options to suit their specific needs and preferences. Whether opting for the extended range provided by the higher capacity battery or prioritizing quicker recharging times with the lithium-ion option, users can customize their riding experience to best fit their lifestyle and requirements.

With its efficient battery system, the e-bike offers users the flexibility to choose the charging option that best aligns with their daily routines and usage patterns. The longer charging time required for lead-acid batteries may be suitable for overnight charging, ensuring the bike is ready for use the next day. On the other hand, the shorter charging duration of lithium-ion batteries allows for quick top-ups, ideal for riders who need to recharge their bike during shorter breaks or downtime throughout the day.

This diverse range of charging options underscores the e-bike’s commitment to providing a convenient and user-friendly riding experience. Whether embarking on long-distance journeys or navigating urban streets, riders can rely on the e-bike’s dependable battery system to power their adventures with ease and efficiency.


It offers long term guarantee on the engine and 1 year guarantee on lead corrosive/long term on the LPF battery.

Other Information

Furthermore, without proper documentation or visual representation, it becomes difficult to ascertain the specific features and functionality of the electric bike. While some sources suggest that it is designed by experienced cyclists and experts, the absence of concrete details raises concerns about its overall performance and suitability for various riding conditions.

In order to make an informed decision, potential buyers may need to rely on unbiased reviews and testimonials from individuals who have firsthand experience with the electric bike. Additionally, reaching out to the manufacturer or retailer for more information and clarification regarding the bike’s specifications and build quality could provide valuable insights.

Ultimately, until more information becomes available or the electric bike is officially unveiled, it is prudent to exercise caution and consider alternative options that offer greater transparency and assurance of quality. You can also check “Supertech Electric Scooter”

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