Latest Software Update for Ola MoveOS 4

Ola Electric has introduced the beta version of their latest software, “MoveOS 4,” featuring 20 new functionalities and over 100 enhancements to existing features. This release represents a significant leap forward, as MoveOS 4 is designed to transform and enhance the riding experience on Ola’s scooters. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Ola Electric aims to elevate performance, convenience, and the sheer joy of riding through this extensive update. The beta version of MoveOS 4 was initially deployed on September 15, 2023, targeting select users for testing before a broader release.

MoveOS 4 underscores Ola Electric’s vision for the future of electric scooters, emphasizing intelligence, personalization, and seamless integration. To understand the practical implications for riders, delve into the comprehensive details of MoveOS 4 and its impact on reshaping Ola’s S1 scooter lineup.

Here are some New features

1st - Send location to App

The latest addition to Ola MoveOS 4, the “Send location to App” feature, empowers riders to share their current location directly from their phones to the scooter’s app. This functionality equips users with the ability to monitor traffic conditions, estimated arrival times, and nearby locations directly through the app, thereby enhancing their navigation experience while on the scooter. By seamlessly allowing riders to transmit location data from their phones, Ola has established a user-friendly method for integrating this information with the scooter’s systems. In essence, this feature aligns with Ola Electric’s commitment to incorporating advanced navigation and control capabilities into MoveOS 4, ultimately enriching the overall rider experience.

2nd - Time Fencing

Ola MoveOS 4 introduces the innovative “Time Fencing” feature, offering users the capability to establish time-based limitations or boundaries for the operation of their electric scooters. This feature allows riders to define specific periods during which the scooter can or cannot be utilized. By providing such control, the feature enhances security and management, empowering owners to monitor and regulate scooter usage based on their defined time frames. In essence, Time Fencing reflects Ola Electric’s dedication to integrating advanced access control and security capabilities into MoveOS 4, aiming to enhance the overall user experience.

3rd - Mode Lock

​The latest addition to Ola MoveOS 4 is the “Mode Lock” feature, allowing users to secure their electric scooters into designated riding modes. This feature empowers riders to select a specific mode, such as Eco mode, and prevent any unauthorized alterations to that chosen mode during their journeys. By providing this level of control, the feature enhances security, enabling users to maintain their preferred riding mode settings without the concern of accidental or unauthorized mode changes while operating the scooter. In summary, Mode Lock aligns with Ola Electric’s commitment to integrating advanced ride control and security capabilities into MoveOS 4, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

4th - Ola Maps

Ola Electric has introduced a new navigation system named Ola Maps for its vehicles and applications. Currently available on the Ola Electric website, this digital mapping feature is set to be integrated into the Ola app and electric two-wheelers in the near future.

Ola Maps is designed to offer navigation functionalities, including directions, location details, estimated arrival times, and alternative routes. It functions similarly to Google Maps, which has traditionally been the dominant mapping platform in India.

The launch of Ola Maps signifies Ola Electric’s intention to replace Google Maps services with its proprietary navigation system. Users will have the ability to access information about nearby locations and anticipated travel times directly within the Ola ecosystem.

Furthermore, Ola Maps is set to be accessible to other app developers through an API. In summary, the development of Ola Maps aligns with Ola Electric’s commitment to creating advanced, integrated navigation features, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

5th - Send locations to App

The “Send location to App” functionality in Ola MoveOS 4 permits riders to transmit their present location from their smartphones to the scooter’s app. This feature empowers users to keep track of traffic conditions, estimated arrival times, and nearby locations, thereby improving their overall navigation experience. It offers a user-friendly method for riders to effortlessly incorporate their location information with the scooter’s app, potentially assisting in trip planning and navigation. This feature is in line with Ola Electric’s commitment to delivering advanced navigation and control features, with the goal of enhancing the overall rider experience.

6th - Garage Mode

The “Garage Mode” feature in Ola MoveOS 4 enables users to control multiple Ola electric scooters through a single interface. This feature provides a centralized control system, allowing users to manage and operate several Ola electric scooters using a unified application.

It offers convenience and efficiency for individuals or businesses with multiple scooters, streamlining the management and control of their electric vehicle fleet. The introduction of Garage Mode aligns with Ola Electric’s commitment to providing advanced control and management features to enhance the overall user experience

7th - Garage Mode

This feature is also referred to as Party Mode and serves as an extension of the Party Mode introduced in the previous MoveOS 3 update. Concert Mode leverages the lights on the electric scooter to sync with the music played through its system, generating a distinctive lighting effect that moves in harmony with the music.

The goal of this feature is to elevate the overall riding experience by introducing an element of entertainment and ambiance to the scooter’s surroundings. It enables multiple Ola electric scooters to synchronize their lights and music functions concurrently, resulting in a visually captivating and immersive experience for both riders and onlookers. The introduction of Concert Mode aligns with Ola Electric’s dedication to offering innovative and engaging features, all aimed at enhancing the rider experience.

8th - Tamper Alert

The Tamper Alert feature in Ola MoveOS 4 is crafted to bolster the security measures for Ola electric scooters. If the scooter detects any motion while in a locked state, it will display a warning on the screen. Additionally, the electric scooter will send a notification to the owner’s phone via the Ola Electric application, enabling the owner to track the scooter or deactivate the alert.

This feature is intended to offer an added layer of security and assurance for scooter owners, aiding them in monitoring and safeguarding their vehicles against unauthorized movement or tampering. The introduction of the Tamper Alert feature aligns with Ola Electric’s dedication to enhancing the security and control features of their electric scooters.

Additional Features

Automatic Indicator Turn-Off: Automatically deactivates the scooter’s indicators after a specified time to conserve battery.

Enhanced Trip Meters: Introduces additional trip meters for tracking different types of journeys.

Take Me Home Light: Activates the scooter’s lights to guide the rider home.

Call from Favorites: Enables users to make calls to favorite contacts directly from the scooter’s interface.

Expedited Pairing, Contact Sync, Document Sync, and Touch Response: Improves the speed and efficiency of pairing, syncing, and touch response.

Headphone Music and Call Controls: Allows control of music and calls through connected headphones.

Eco Cruise: Introduces cruise control specifically tailored for Eco riding mode.

Enhanced Charging Prediction Time, Hyper Charger, Hill Hold, Descent Hill Hold, and Regen: Improvements to charging prediction, hypercharging, hill hold, descent hill hold, and regenerative braking.

Ride Journal: A feature enabling users to document and track their riding experiences.

Personalized Proximity: Customizable proximity settings for various scooter functions.

Energy Insights: Provides insights into energy usage and potential savings.

Biometric App Lock: Enhances security by requiring biometric authentication to access the scooter’s app.

App Widget, Vacation Mode, Call Settings, Regen Settings, OTA Update, and Dark Mode: Diverse app-related features, including widgets, vacation mode, call and regen settings, over-the-air updates, and dark mode.

Improved Proximity and Range: Enhancements to proximity features and overall range.

Over 100 comprehensive enhancements include:

Extended Range
Eco Mode Cruise Control
Dashboard Reboot Capability
Accelerated Hypercharging
Option to Disable Coast Regenerative Braking
App-Based Renewal of Ola Care & Insurance
Improved App Synchronization
Custom State of Charge (SOC) Limits for Hypercharge
Call Filtering Feature
Personalized Greetings on the App and Dashboard
Enhanced Hill Descent Control for a Smoother Experience
Fleet Management Functionality for Multiple Scooters (Garage Mode)

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