New Porche Macan EV confirmed to get 611hp dual electric motors

Company claims that the New Porche Macan EV will stand out as the most athletic car in the electric SUV segment.

Porsche has officially disclosed the technical specifications for the upcoming Macan EV, marking its entry into the electric SUV arena. The Macan EV will be underpinned by the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture jointly developed by Audi and Porsche.

Key features of the Macan EV include a 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack and the pioneering use of Porsche’s two-valve damper suspension setup. Antoon Janssen, the Porsche powertrain manager for the Macan line, conveyed to our sister publication Autocar UK that Porsche envisions the Macan EV as the most athletic SUV in its category.

New Porsche Macan EV: powertrains

The Macan EV will feature a pair of permanently excited electric motors—one on each axle—referred to as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), akin to those utilized in the Taycan EV. However, Porsche has significantly revamped these e-motors to enhance power density and efficiency. The modifications include a double ‘V’ magnet arrangement and a shift from a silicon semiconductor to silicon carbide, effectively reducing switching losses (power leakage) in the motors’ pulse inverters.

These enhancements result in impressive power outputs of up to 611hp and 1,000Nm of torque, distributed to all four wheels. Porsche has yet to confirm whether the Macan EV will feature the Taycan Turbo S’ ‘overboost’ function, temporarily increasing power.

Antoon Janssen highlighted that the PPE platform allows for rear-wheel drive, although this will initially serve to decouple the front motor during cruising, minimizing rolling resistance and conserving energy.

Every variant of the Macan EV will be equipped with a 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack, optimized by Porsche to minimize journey times. While the specific range for the Macan EV has not been disclosed, the PPE platform’s 800V architecture enables maximum charging rates exceeding 270kW.

New Porsche Macan EV: chassis

Get ready for an exhilarating ride with the Macan EV! Dominik Hartmann, the model chassis manager, spilled the beans, confirming that this electric powerhouse will boast a ‘performance rear axle,’ strategically placing the motor as far back as possible. The result? An optimal weight distribution of 48 percent to the front and 52 percent to the rear, ensuring maximum traction for an unforgettable driving experience.

But that’s not all—Porsche is taking the Macan EV’s performance to the next level with a more staggered tyre width than its predecessor. Picture this: wider tyres at the rear, adapting to the rearward weight bias and delivering enhanced grip. It’s a game-changer!

Breaking new ground, the Macan EV will debut Porsche’s two-valve dampers, promising an elevated ride comfort through independent adjustment via the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system. This not only enhances comfort but also contributes to an improved aerodynamic profile and reduced energy consumption by lowering the suspension at specific speeds.

Get ready to command the road with increased manoeuvrability—the steering angle has been ramped up by a whopping 15 percent compared to its petrol counterpart. Plus, the Macan EV introduces rear-wheel steering up to 5.0 degrees (below 80kph), ensuring agile handling in every turn.

For the ultimate performance, the most premium versions of the Macan EV will feature an electronic locking differential at the front axle, enhancing its front-rear torque vectoring capabilities. Brace yourself for a driving experience like never before!

New Porsche Macan EV: India launch timeline, rivals

Rev up your anticipation! With Porsche already gracing India with its fleet of Macan models, the buzz is that the Macan EV is gearing up to make its mark on Indian roads shortly after its global premiere. Picture the thrill of this electric marvel racing against contenders like the Jaguar I-Pace and the Mercedes-Benz EQG.

Get ready to witness the electric revolution hitting the Indian streets, as Porsche brings the Macan EV to the country, promising an electrifying competition among the best. The road is about to become the arena for a showdown of cutting-edge electric SUVs, and the Macan EV is set to steal the spotlight. Brace yourself for the future of driving, where power meets sophistication on Indian soil!

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