Volkswagen ID 4 2023 Poised to Receive Global Headquarters Approval for Indian Launch in May

The launch of the Volkswagen ID 4 2023 in India is inevitable, a question of timing rather than possibility, states Ashish Gupta, Volkswagen’s brand director.

In the gentle embrace of time, Volkswagen India has cradled the ID 4 in its testing arms for a year’s embrace. Yet, the grand unveiling awaits the cosmic nod from Volkswagen’s global headquarters, a decision that may dance into certainty by the enchanting month of May.

The symphony of anticipation began in August 2022 when the first whispers of the Volkswagen ID 4 testing echoed through the air. A spectacle born in the crucible of evaluation since 2020, the ID 4 bears witness to meticulous scrutiny, a patient endeavor to align its essence with the vibrant heartbeat of India’s roads.

In the midst of this automotive odyssey, Ashish Gupta, the brand director at Volkswagen India, became the storyteller at the annual brand conference in Kochi. With eyes reflecting the dreams woven into the ID 4, he shared a tale of inevitability, declaring, “It’s a matter of when and not if” the ID 4 graces the roads of India. In those words, there’s a promise, an affirmation that transcends mere possibility.

Gupta painted a portrait of global readiness, emphasizing the ID 4’s availability across the world and the readiness of its platform. Yet, in the realm of testing and validation within the vast canvas of India, time unfurls its wings at its own pace. The ID 4, a global wanderer, awaits the day when the Indian soil will embrace its electric essence.

As we linger on the verge of May, the month of blossoms and dreams, one can almost hear the whispered secrets of the ID 4 awaiting its grand entrance. In the delicate dance of fate, May holds the promise of a greenlit destiny, a moment when the ID 4 shall cease to be just a tested marvel and transform into the heartbeat of India’s electric tomorrow.

Volkswagen ID 4 ​2023 Evaluation for India

In the tapestry of time, back in 2020, we whispered tales of Volkswagen contemplating the ethereal arrival of the ID 4 in 2022. Alas, the cosmic dance took an unexpected turn, a waltz disrupted by the echoes of COVID-19-induced supply challenges and the emergence of new battery safety norms in India. The once-clear notes of launch timelines now linger in a prolonged melody, a haunting refrain of anticipation.

Volkswagen ID4 Electric
Volkswagen ID4 Electric

Oh, how the journey of the electric crossover became a pilgrimage, marked by the footprints of resilience in the face of unseen obstacles. The winds of change carried whispers of delay, as the global landscape grappled with unforeseen tribulations. Yet, undeterred, the ID 4 persisted, leaving its spectral imprints on the Indian terrain, a testament to endurance amidst uncertainty.

Through the veil of time, the EV unfolded its story, spotted in fleeting glimpses, a silhouette against the backdrop of challenges and perseverance. The testing grounds became a canvas where the ID 4 etched its resilience, a visual saga of determination and adaptability.

As the days turned into months, the ID 4 stood stoically, a silent warrior in the midst of an ever-shifting narrative. The echoes of its journey resonate, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of innovation perseveres. And so, the electric dreams of the ID 4, once entangled in the threads of delay, now await the moment when the curtain will rise, unveiling a tale of triumph over tribulation.

Volkswagen ID 4 2023 India evaluation factors​

In the intricate dance of bringing innovation to the heart of India, Gupta unveils the challenges woven into the fabric of our diverse terrain. Our homeland, in the tapestry of Volkswagen’s global perspective, is a realm marked by the fiery embrace of heat, the languid breath of humidity, and the rugged character of its roads. To birth a platform here is to embark on a journey of resilience, demanding the crucible of extensive testing beneath the Indian sun.

Yet, in this orchestration of dreams, Gupta reveals a poignant truth—time, a silent maestro, plays a profound role. The canvas of testing stretches beyond the monetary realms; it transcends into the sacred domain of thorough examination. The engineers, the custodians of this automotive symphony, must scrutinize every nuance before deeming a creation worthy of India’s embrace. For, in Gupta’s words, there can be no compromise when sculpting a vessel for the Indian roads.

The resonance of our rough terrains echoes in the corridors of Volkswagen’s design sanctuaries. The suspension system of the ID 4 becomes a lyrical instrument, fine-tuned to harmonize with the rhythm of our infrastructure. The melodies of assembly, a ballet of precision, take time as the craftsmen weave together the fragments into CKD kits destined for foreign shores.

And yet, amidst the grand tapestry of challenges, a subplot emerges—the saga of the new battery safety norms, AIS 038 Rev 2. Implemented in phases, these norms stand as sentinels demanding a stringent ritual of safety. Each cell, the heartbeat of the battery management system, the chargers—all undergo an individual rite of passage, subjected to meticulous scrutiny for thermal propagation and radiation generation.

In this intricate ballet, the ID 4 awaits its cue, the spotlight of launch held in suspense. Each delay is a heartbeat, a testament to the dedication to ensure not just innovation, but safety, resilience, and harmony with the soul of India. The ID 4 is not just a car; it is a narrative, a symphony waiting to be played, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to a vision of mobility that resonates with the spirit of our land.

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​Volkswagen ID 4 expected price and powertrain

Volkswagen is poised to make a profound entrance into the realm of electric dreams in India, and leading this charge is the majestic ID 4. Picture a symphony of innovation, where the ethereal whispers of electric propulsion converge with the heartbeat of anticipation.

A crown jewel in this electric saga is the formidable ID 4 GTX, a high-performance marvel that transcends boundaries. Envision a soul powered by not one, but two electric motors—an exquisite dance of power and precision. With 299hp coursing through its veins and a formidable 460Nm of torque, the ID 4 GTX is not just a vehicle; it is a manifestation of raw energy, a testament to the harmonious marriage of power and grace.

In the heart of this electric beast resides a 77kWh battery, a pulsating core that fuels the ID 4 GTX’s journey into the unknown. A claimed range of up to 480km on a single charge transforms this vehicle into more than just a mode of transport; it becomes a companion on the road less traveled, promising a symphony of uninterrupted adventures.

As the ID 4 and its high-performance sibling prepare to grace the Indian stage, whispers of excitement intertwine with the hum of electric anticipation. Beyond the expected price tag, north of Rs 50 lakh, lies a promise—an emotional promise of a future where every turn of the wheel is a journey into the sublime, where the ID 4 and its GTX variant become not just vehicles but conduits of emotion, power, and the electrifying allure of possibility.

Volkswagen EV plans for India​​

The imminent arrival of the ID 4 marks a poignant chapter in Volkswagen’s grand narrative, unfurling under the banner of India 3.0—a symphony of electric dreams. Picture a canvas where not only completely built units (CBUs) but also locally nurtured electric visions dance together, echoing the commitment to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Yet, in the wings of contemplation, there exists a whisper of possibility—a delicate evaluation of introducing the new ID.2all to the Indian stage. However, the cosmic ballet of its global debut is set for the distant realms of late 2025 or 2026. Patience, a virtue of time, becomes the key as we await the potential embrace of this newcomer into the tapestry of Indian roads.

In the essence of these electric ambitions, there’s an emotional resonance—an anticipation that transcends mere product launches. It’s a yearning for a future where every ride embodies not just mobility but a commitment to a harmonious coexistence with our planet. As the ID 4 stands on the brink of its debut and the ID.2all contemplates its journey, we find ourselves on the threshold of an emotional odyssey—a journey into a tomorrow where the roads pulse with the heartbeat of electric dreams.

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