The Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV dazzles the stage, making a breathtaking debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

The Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV marks the brand’s inaugural electric SUV, boasting a remarkable 600km WLTP range and an all-wheel-drive (AWD) powertrain.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV

Mercedes Maybach unveils its inaugural all-electric SUV, the Maybach EQS, set to make its public debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. Similar to its petrol-powered counterpart, the Maybach GLS 600 SUV, which is based on the standard Mercedes-Benz GLS, the Maybach EQS draws inspiration from the EQS EV SUV by Mercedes.

The Maybach EQS comes equipped with distinctive features, including the Maybach Digital Light with welcome and goodbye functions. Rear seat entertainment is enhanced through two 11.6-inch displays.

Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV Exterior Features

In terms of design differentiators, the Maybach EQS, following the signature Maybach style, incorporates additional chrome accents and multiple Maybach logos. The three-star emblem exclusively graces the hood, while the closed black panel on the front, adorned with vertical chrome strips on the grille, provides a distinct 3D aesthetic.

The sizable closed black panel serves as a housing for radar sensors supporting ADAS and other technological components. Chrome elements adorn the front bumper, and the upper grille proudly displays the “Maybach” lettering in chrome, seamlessly integrating with the connected LED strip that merges with the headlamps on each side. The brand introduces the innovative Maybach Digital Light feature, featuring a welcome and goodbye function accompanied by a unique light show.

Transitioning to the sides, the Maybach EQS SUV maintains a resemblance to its non-Maybach counterpart, yet it boasts distinctive Maybach touches such as chrome surrounds on the windows and between the doors, a Maybach logo on the D-pillar, and EQS embossing in the front window area. Similar to the standard EQS SUV, the Maybach EQS features additional gloss black-finished body cladding. Wheel options encompass 21- or 22-inch alloy and forged wheels with Maybach lettering. The SUV is equipped with factory-installed running boards illuminated in anodized aluminum.

At the rear, the uniquely patterned tail-lamps incorporate a connecting LED strip that includes Maybach lettering. Chrome trim elements accentuate the tailgate, rear apron, and spoiler lip. The SUV offers optional dual-tone paint shades with a filigree pinstripe, featuring five color combinations: high-tech silver/obsidian black, high-tech silver/nautical blue, obsidian black/selenite grey, obsidian black/kalahari gold, and velvet brown/onyx black.

Step into the luxurious embrace of the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV

where the interior is a symphony of opulence and cutting-edge features. The dashboard layout, reminiscent of the standard EQS SUV, takes a departure into a realm of exclusivity. Three distinct screens grace the cabin, each adorned with Maybach-specific graphics, bathed in an elegant deep blue hue crafted exclusively for the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. Behold the animated display of the instrument cluster, a visual masterpiece in Maybach mode.

Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV interior and features

Indulge in the rear seat infotainment experience, featuring two 11.6-inch displays on the front seat backrests. The standard MBUX set-up allows seamless content sharing across various displays. The Maybach EQS SUV goes beyond with the MBUX rear tablet, designed for use both inside and outside the vehicle. Witness the magic of MBUX Interior Assist, a standard feature that responds to passengers’ requests through camera-based recognition of body and hand movements, seamlessly translating gestures into functions.

The seats, wrapped in standard Nappa leather in a myriad of shades, elevate comfort to an art form. Opt for the exclusive Manufaktur Nappa leather option for an even more refined touch. Sustainability meets luxury with upholstery colors and natural wood finishes, including the introduction of vegetable-tanned Nappa leather. Every seat boasts massage and ventilation functions, with the optional chauffeur package offering the added indulgence of a calf massage.

Immerse yourself in the ambient glow of the full interior lighting package, a standard feature boasting 253 LEDs and 64 selectable colors. Maybach-specific schemes like Rose Gold White and Amethyst Glow add a touch of sophistication. The acoustic masterpiece comes alive with a 15-speaker Burmester 4D surround sound system, featuring special acoustic foams in select body shell panels and the underbody. In the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, every detail is a testament to the art of automotive luxury.

Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV powertrain and suspension

Behold the mighty Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 SUV, a powerhouse delivering an astonishing 658hp and a formidable 950Nm of torque, with the renowned 4MATIC system as its standard bearer. Unleashing a range of up to 600km (WLTP), this automotive marvel catapults from 0 to 100kph in a mere 4.4 seconds, reaching a majestic top speed of 210kph. In a league of its own, the top-tier EQS 580 4 Matic SUV trails behind with 544hp and a range of up to 456km.

Embracing the road with grace and power, the Maybach EQS SUV boasts an adaptable air suspension system, allowing for an elevation of up to 35mm, coupled with an exclusive Maybach driving program. Precision is the hallmark, featuring rear-wheel steering with a standard steering angle of 4.5 degrees. Witness the rear wheels turning up to 10 degrees, carving a turning circle reduced to 11 meters from the standard 11.9 meters.

Navigate the realms of performance with an array of drive modes, including eco, sport, offroad, and individual modes. A pinnacle of sophistication, the Maybach mode takes center stage, replacing the comfort setting in the standard EQS SUV. In the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, each journey is an exhilarating symphony of power, precision, and pure emotion.

Mercedes Maybach EQS SUV will it come to India?

Though the official word on the Maybach SUV’s arrival in India remains elusive, our hopeful hearts anticipate its eventual embrace on our shores in the enchanting days that lie ahead.
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