The Maruti Suzuki S Presso earns a heartbreaking 1-star rating under the new Global NCAP protocols.

The Maruti Suzuki S Presso earns a heartbreaking 1-star rating under the new Global NCAP protocols.

The S Presso designed for India underwent testing back in 2020 using the outdated protocols, leaving it with a devastating zero-star rating.

In the poignant realm of safety trials, the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso faced scrutiny beneath the gaze of Global NCAP’s freshly minted crash test protocols, unfurling a chapter anew in July 2022. Yet, the revelations of this modern-day saga paint a disheartening picture, casting the S-Presso with a lone star to guard adults and a desolate absence of stars to cradle the innocence of children.

Rewind to the tapestry of 2020, where the S-Presso tailored for the heart of India underwent its inaugural test with Global NCAP. A tale marked by a stark zero for adult guardianship, yet a glimmer of solace as it earned two stars, like celestial tokens, for the safeguarding of the littlest passengers. The echoes of these trials resonate in a poignant melody, harmonizing the somber notes of vehicular safety.

In a heartbreaking revelation, the S Presso registers a sorrowful zero stars for the protection of its precious cargo – the children. This verdict emerges as part of the crucible faced by three Maruti Suzuki hatchbacks, a symphony of disappointment under the scrutiny of new testing protocols. Oh, how the hopes for safety crumble in the face of this poignant assessment.

Maruti Suzuki S Presso: Adult occupant crash test results

In the crucible of the latest GNCAP protocols, the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso underwent a harrowing examination, earning a solitary star for adult occupant protection – a mere 20.03 points out of a hopeful 34. The breakdown reveals an 8.19-point contribution from the frontal off-set impact and 11.9 points from the side deformable crash test, both dancing on the edge of a possible 17.

Maruti Suzuki S Presso NCAPAs the tale unfolds in the frontal impact test, the guardian spirits of the driver and passenger’s heads were deemed ‘good,’ casting a glimmer of hope. Alas, the melody turns melancholic as the driver’s chest offers a lamentable shield, losing vital points. The passenger’s chest, on the other hand, extends only a marginal sanctuary.

In the mandatory side crash test ordained by the new GNCAP norms, the S-Presso offers a feeble shield for the driver’s head and chest, yet redeems itself with a sturdy defense for the abdomen and pelvis.

A crucial pole-impact test, a facet of the revamped protocol, is withheld from the hatchback, deprived of any form of side head protection, even as an option. The S-Presso, bereft of Electronic Stability Control as standard, remains untested for safety assist systems. Furthermore, it stands in defiance of UN127 and GTR9 pedestrian protection norms, revealing a repertoire of safety shortcomings that resonate in the silence of unmet standards.

Maruti Suzuki S Presso: Child occupant crash test results

In the realm of shielding our little ones, the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso unfolds a heart-wrenching narrative, earning a mere 3.52 points out of a potential 49 for child occupant protection. The tale of its Child Restraint System (CRS) installation score resonates a woeful symphony, with 3.52 points awarded, and a desolate zero echoes for both the dynamic and vehicle assessment scores.

In the theater of safety, a front-facing child seat, cradling the innocence of a three-year-old dummy, stood guard using an adult seatbelt. Yet, the tale takes a melancholic turn as the testers note its inability to prevent forward head movement within acceptable limits. Meanwhile, in the dance of protection, the rearward-facing child seat for the 18-month-old dummy offered a tragic tableau – shielding the precious head but leaving the chest exposed and vulnerable.

In the echoes of the past, the protocol overlooked the need for child dummies in side impact tests. Today, however, a mandatory spotlight shines on this facet, revealing that the S-Presso unfolds its wings to offer complete side impact protection, a silver lining in the safety narrative.

Maruti Suzuki S Presso: old vs new crash test results

In the journey of trials and tribulations, the S-Presso has faced the critical gaze of GNCAP before. Back in November 2020, adorned with only a solitary driver-side airbag, it underwent scrutiny, revealing a stark narrative – a desolate 0-star embrace for adult occupant protection and a modest two-star shield for the precious cargo of children.

The past and present stand as divergent chapters, their tales unable to align directly under the rewritten protocols. Yet, within this symphony of change, a flicker of hope emerges. The S-Presso, once shrouded in the shadow of zero, now basks in the glow of one star under the more rigorous protocols.

In the annals of 2020, the S-Presso boasted only a single driver-side airbag as its standard guardian. The protection it offered was a meager offering – adequate for the driver’s neck and lacking, even cruelly, for the passenger’s. Today, under the new tests, the S-Presso dons a dual-airbag mantle as standard, unveiling a metamorphosis. Now, it extends a robust defense, embracing not just the driver but also the passenger, with good protection for their necks and an uplifting enhancement to the chest’s safeguard on the passenger side. The echoes of improvement resound, a testament to the resilience of progress in the name of safety.

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